HELP: Overlay help!

Can someone help please? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
I’d like the two characters (Demi & Lilly) in front of the desk.
Here’s my script:

(Just ignore the fact their facing totally the wrong way, I’ll spot direct them later lol)

@overlay OVERLAY NAME create
@overlay OVERLAY NAME opacity 1

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What overlay though?

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Huh Isn’t their only one over lay :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

But for both ~

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the overlay is a part of the background, to do this you add it in as an overlay you do it this way


@overlay BACKGROUND moves to layer x

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Oh no I mean what overlay is it supposed to be like this?
@overlay INT. INTERN OFFICE OL - DAY create
@overlay INT. INTERN OFFICE OL - DAY opacity 1

Wait hold on…

yeah @line123462 is right

I didn’t take in consideration that you weren’t used a personal overlay~


Oh okie thanks a lot! :grin:

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