HELP! Overlay not showing up even with opacity

My overlay is not showing up even with the opacity 1 thing. It’s also approved by episode. I can’t see what’s wrong with my directing ://

Post a screenshot of your script or copy and paste that part of your script here so we can figure out what the problem is.

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&overlay LILIAN HAND create
&overlay LILIAN HAND opacity 1
&overlay 5201913462456320_LILIAN HAND shifts to 142 197
&overlay 5201913462456320_LILIAN HAND scales to 0.208 0.208
@speechbubble is 183 356 to 97% with tail_top_right
Take me, Brandon.

i wanted the overlay to show up the moment Lilian (the character) started talking!

What zone are you in?

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zone 2!

You have to add the zone number when you shift the overlay.

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okay you definitely are a life savior :sob::sob::sob::sob::heart::heart::heart: it worked!

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