Help! OverLay problems!

Is there anything wrong with my overlay?
I tried everything but this error keeps showing up.

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Are you needing help with the &CASON moves to layer 2? If so its @CASON moves to layer 2

No :tired_face::tired_face: I’m actually having problems with @overLay LIGHT opacity 1

Oh I see you need to put the background and then add with then your overlay

Like this
INT. GARDENS with light create

Then you can move it and when you move it you can put at the end of each overlay code in zone # if need be.

What about the opacity? Why does that error keeps showing up?

Maybe this will help you :smiling_face::wink::

I believe its because you have it in wrung spot!

Try moving the name of it to the top with your background make sure you space and type with then space and type overlay and it should all go away

@Overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0

You need to add time to this code :ok_hand:

You can also add the overlay with the background as @Bethany1 said above :wink: ( you will find how to do it in the guide by @Dara.Amarie)

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Oh I learn something new every day!! I didn’t know I could add overlay in the script away from the background…I though you could only add it with it! :slight_smile: That’s cool…

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