Help! Overlays won't move

Hi there.

I’m fairly new on here, and every time I try to place my overlays, they just don’t seem to take the command.

Here’s my script:

INT. HER OFFICE - DAY with HER DESK to 0.766 62 2
@cut to zone 2

&MC spot 0.882 280 170 AND MC does it while sit_type_loop
&MC faces right
&LV1 spot 0.882 74 191
&LV1 faces right

Instead of the OL being there, it keeps moving to this spot:
@overlay 5640436733050880_HER DESK shifts to -247 3
@overlay 5640436733050880_HER DESK scales to 0.766 0.766

It doesn’t make sense.

I’ve tried everything. What do I do?

Thanks so much! It worked out perfectly.

I just spent hours trying to figure that out lol I feel a bit stupid now.