Help overlays won't show!

Hey kittens so I’m asking for help with my overlays. So at the start of the screen I have five word overlays. This contains sound and music, those stuff. But when I preview it on the app it doesn’t show but it shows on the web.

I also have another arrow dressing game later down in the script that I got from @Dara.Amarie. it also works but the app doesn’t sow the Choose overlay.

Help please.

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It happens to me to and I don’t know how to fix it exactly but I realoded the page and app and then it worked for me

Can you send a photo of your script?

I tried that it still doesn’t work.

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Which overlay doesn’t show up?

Try separating the create and opacity command, like this:

@overlay CONTAINS create
@overlay CONTAINS opacity 1

All of them. I tried previewing it again and now it’s not showing on the web either

I tried still no luck. I might have to take them out. Maybe it because of too much overlays

delete the numbers in front of the overlay names - this is a unique number for each overlay but you have them the same by different overlays - so you probably copied the code and just changed the name of the overlay - but this script cant read. Without the numbers it will recognise the overlays.

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I did each overlay separately because I wanted them to slide in the scene so I put them off screen them moved them on. But I’ll try that.

Thats really strange. If you used the copy button under the preview and coppied it whole to script each overlay should have different number.:thinking::thinking::thinking:

Yeah I’m going to change them into a background instead. If it still doesn’t work

Hey guys I think I got it fixed. I still don’t know what the prob was I had to rewrite the entire thing. So thank you guys for all your help it was well appreciated.

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