HELP! Payment Status Error

Hi, I’m quite confused as to why my payment status does not align with the payment that I’d receive. The amount of the months that are written ‘completed’ doesn’t add up to the same total amount of the payment I have received. Some of the months have also been written ‘deferred’, which I assume should have been ‘completed’ as I have received the payment for that month.

I have submitted a ticket on January 7th and was told that @Liz will need to help with this issue. However, I haven’t heard from her or the team on how to solve it, which hasn’t been solved till now. I tried to submit another ticket on June 6th, but I still haven’t received a response. Please, anyone from the Episode team, can you help me with my issue as soon as possible?

Thank you.


@Sydney_H is there any feedback about my issue?

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The support team has been informed of the issue and is looking into it :smiley:

Okay, thank you :smile: