Help: Phone vs. Tablet Screen "Glitch"

I am writing a story that’s a cinematic + spotlight hybrid.

After scripting and testing the first chapter on my phone, I tested it on a tablet device. There are two persistent problems that I can’t seem to fix. On the tablet:

  1. In Spotlight format: the Main Character (as set in the Character menu) and his dialogue shift up and off the screen. This also affects any choices attached to his dialogue.
  2. In Cinematic format > characters have the Spotlight vignette behind them

Any advice? Thanks.

iPhone > MC dialogue

iPad > MC dialogue

iPhone > character

iPad > character

It’s probably because you used a different device and from some reason it made some problem.
You can file a support ticket here:

Maybe they can help you.

Hi @swiggy! If you follow that link @m-d provided and submit a ticket with as much info as you can our support staff will be happy to help you out :slight_smile: