Help pick categories for a new award ceremony!

Hello all! My group and I (message if you want to join) are creating a new awards ceremony for all Episodians to participate in!

Before we begin, I’m going to answer the frequently asked questions that people love to comment. Yes, I know there are other ceremonies. Yes, I know the whole event could fail. And yes, if you wish to, you can join the group and add your own ideas to the ceremony.

So please, comment some categories that haven’t been listed!

Here are the current categories:

  • For stories:
    Best Plot
    Best Use of Symbolism
    Best Dialogue
    Best Theme
    Best Characters
    Best Description
    Best Ending
    Best Crime
    Best Horror
    Best Tragedy
    Best Drama
    Best Science Fiction
    Best Fantasy
    Best Romance
    Best Comedy
    Best Fanfiction
    Best Overall Author of 2018
    Most Improved Author
    Best Newbie
    Best Orignal Author (author that’s been writing the longest)
    Readers Choice Romance
    Readers Choice Crime
    Readers Choice Comedy
    Readers Choice Fantasy
    Readers Choice Science Fiction
    Readers Choice Drama
    Readers Choice Tragedy
    Readers Choice Horror
    Readers Choice Fan-fiction
    Best Cover Photo

  • For art/forums:
    Best Cover Maker
    Best Splash Maker
    Best Background Editor
    Best Background Maker
    Best Profile Picture Maker
    Best Watermark Maker
    Best Overlay Maker
    Best at Character Edits
    Best Realistic Art Scene Maker
    Best Non-Realistic Art Scene Maker
    Best Critic
    Kindest Heart
    Bookworm (replies/is active a lot)
    Best Adviser (someone who is there for you when you need advice 24/7)
    Most Improved Artist

Comment ideas that aren’t already here!


For art/forums, you could add ‘Most Improved Artist’

lol im not good at coming up with ideas :sweat_smile:


Happy to help!