Help please! <3

i don’t need a writing partner, my friend does.

@Rihanna90 has been wanting to write for a long time. everyone who says they’ll help ends up ghosting her, and she needs help.

you must have patience and be familiar with
limelight coding. it is a romance / drama story. please do not leave her on read or whatever. she needs someone who wants to help and who won’t get annoyed or be rude seeing she has a learning disability.

i am not trying to be rude, she wanted me to make a topic for her. you can pm her if you’d like to.



I’m a author who has been in a similar situation

If she needs any advice tell her to message me on here or my IG is @mafiastar.episode


I’m not a good writer my self but if she ever needs help with coding she can always message me


Do need lot help with coding

I can help you with that however it’s already pretty late at my country so I can start helping you tomorrow if that is alright with you? We can right now talk about What exactly you need help with right now.

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That be great thank you

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Need you help on power love need code limelight

I’m around if you want any help too

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Thank I do you help to .thank you so much. Am private message ok

Ok x

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Don’t want do here ok .

That’s fine, just send me a message or via IG x

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I am glad that you here for me

Anytime x

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Thank you

thank you @Hannahnevin @Minoesje :heartpulse:

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bump? @Rihanna90

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I am here to support you if you anything I am here for you

Thank you so much :blush:

I’m not usually on this because of confidence

I’m always on IG or writing


I know some time I don’t know code every body need help on story