Help please! beginner

Hi, so I’m new to forums and I made a post on somebody else’s topic asking for help because I didn’t realize you had to wait a bit. anyway, I’m new to creating, well on PC anyway and I have no idea how to make the characters appear iv watched the tutorials and its not very helpful for me. what I want to do is have 3 characters on screen at the same time, like a photo or something without them having to talk and I just can not figure this out. I have been trying for like 3 hours already… I know I must be useless but somebody please help. (i will probably ask for more help later)

If you want them to appear.
@CHARACTER stands screen [left, right, center]

If you want them to walk from the side.
@CHARACTER enters from [left,right] to screen [left, right, center]

If you need help later, @Dara.Amarie is a directing Goddess, she has loads of threads here on forums and her website is great too. :smile:

Sorry for that tag if you didn’t want it :sweat_smile:

Sorry to be a nuisance but is that how you write it, because i tried and it says that isn’t a valid directing command. i will try to get in contact with her, thank you.

Have you tried the episode official guides? they’re found here

Yes i have now, thank you

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