Help please dont know what call worlds

I am writing my story. which has a normal world (ours) and a magic world.

And I dont know what to call them. just saying human world and magic world sound stupid. but I dont have other ideas.


check a fantasy generator, should have some good names. or just search on goggle, magic names u can maybe use as the world name.

I have there arent really any there mean human world. or magic world.

or just make up a name. think of magic or an item or something. like, ok I think of rain, like then I think of a name, like

Raynaria - kind of like a name but just think of something and let it pop out your head, be creative.

You could do the word magic and normal or words like that in a different language maybe?

I normally translate relevant words to other languages (normally Latin or Welsh) and mush them together. It’s not an exact science, but it works for me.

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