Help Please: Dropping overlays to table


I really need help with this please.

Does anyone know how to drop overlays onto a table?

example: dropping magazines onto table background one by one

Thanks in advance

when u have the overlay and u paste it on ur script as u can see it says overlay shifts to spot blah blah blah when u have that u say overlay shifts to spot… and that spot is the spot when u moved the overlay to the new place u want it so when u do that u say overlay moves to spot… in 6 (seconds)
Hope this makes sense lol, it probs don’t but… lol :nerd_face:

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thanks lol I’m still a bit confused when you want the overlay to drop like ball wouldn’t I have to use the easein or easeout funtions. :see_no_evil:

You can add on with ease functions to apply the effect of an object to drop looking more natural, but you still have to spot the overlay somewhere and make it drop to the final spot.


Thank you I get it :blush: and it works