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How do you fade characters??
For example a car come and pick them up but you want to make it look as if they go into the car so how do you make them fade ?

Well making a character fade would mean getting an overlay and setting the opacity of that overlay to 0 then to 1 in time. But for going into a car usually I see people using a reach animation.

What you mean ??

There is an animation that if you search up reach it will appear but if you want to fade a character out you will need an overlay of the background you are using then have it at 0 opacity then make it opacity 1 in a certain time. Dara has a guide on it somewhere if you look through her posts.

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This is the post I am talking about -



If you just want to make them disappear out of thin air, and not really fade or anything use

Sorry if this doesn’t turn out to be helpful :woozy_face:


I think this would work better than a fade. I mean, I disappear into a car, I don’t fade away into a car. That would freak me out if I became half transparent.


Okay hon i will try this

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