Help please! How to sit character in couch

I’m new and I’m not this good with programming.

I’m using the background “INT. MODERN LIVINGROOM - DAY” for my character. How can I make her sit down in the couch and watch TV?

Thank you.

Check out:

You have to use the spot program.

Here’s an example using limelight:


@cut to zone 3

@zoom on 876 125 to 213% in 0

@CHAR spot 0.605 190 277 AND CHAR faces left AND CHAR starts idle_sit_neutral_loop

@speechbubble is 116 339 to 100% with tail_top_right

CHAR (talk_sit_neutral_loop)
This couch is so comfortable.
Super excited to watch the movie.

@CHAR starts idle_sit_neutral_loop

@speechbubble reset

@zoom reset

@speechbubble is 152 315 to 100%

Oops, I forgot the popcorn.

@speechbubble reset

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Thank you for that example. I tried with this but she just won’t sit down :frowning:

Can you show me what your script says? :thinking:

Behavior idle_sit_neutral_loop doesn’t exist for CHARACTER

Then you can try a different sitting animation that’s available : )

I just used an example. You’d also have to replace CHAR with your actual character’s name and play around with spot directing so you get the position that you desire.

I know :wink:

How do I get into the app to move her to the right spot?
I thought when starting to write a story on PC or Laptop, you can’t continue with the app?