Help, please! I can't seem to do it correctly!

So, this is my first time making a story and like… for some reason when I’m making them hug one of my characters walks backward then hug. How do I make it walk forward to my other character and hug correctly?

@Dara.Amarie or @Apes?

You need to move them to different layers. The larger the number the layer, the more top the layer is. So Layer 4 would be on the top and Layer 1 would be at the bottom- Layer 4 isn’t the most a layer can be, it just an example. So for example:
@CHARACTER moves to layer 4
@CHARACTER walks to _______ AND CHARACTER starts hug_neutral_loop_rear
Works for both Ink and Limelight

I looked at those but didn’t quite help me.

Thank you!

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try this :slight_smile:

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