Help Please! I would love some ideas!


I’m new to the episode community and I am planning a story of my own. I need help with plot ideas and names for the story. I am literally dying over here, trying to get past this extreme writer’s block that I have ALL THE TIME! Also, if you have any name ideas then please share, but I will give you a summary of what I have so far.

Main Characters

Dove Harrison: Dove has a history of depression, anxiety, and bullying, and she’s is excited to start at a new school with a blank slate. She ends up falling in love with the school hottie, Noah Cooper. Her identical twin is Rose Harrison. Her best friend is Lexi Lynn. She tends to be sarcastic and during her lows, she completely shuts out everyone she loves. She has always been known as Rose’s weird twin. (Both her and Rose have blue eyes, fair skin, chestnut hair, oval faces, upturned noses, and upturned feline eye shapes btw.)

Rose Harrison: She has always been an outgoing and bubbly person, kinda causing Dove’s bullying at her old school without even knowing it. She has always been Dove’s bestest friend and she would do ANYTHING to keep Dove from hurting ( (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°) ). (I need names for her best friends :slight_smile:) Nobody ever really knows when she’s hurting, sometimes not even Dove can see it.

Noah Cooper: School hottie(basically :joy:), falls in love with Dove. He tends to go crazy when he hurts and makes really bad decisions. Not the typical episode bad boy, just somebody who fights for what he believes in. He secretly has a rare condition that he is scared to tell Dove about in fears that she’ll leave him. Blah blah blah…(I need some ideas for his character :slight_smile:)

Ms. Harrison: Teen mom and single mom. Dove and Rose’s mom (duh). Very protective of the twins and works super hard to support their family.

Lexi Lynn: Always optimistic, and Dove’s best friend. She uses humor to get out of awkward situations and to cover up the fact that she is broken inside from being in foster care for so long.(I need some more ideas for Lexi’s character :slight_smile:)

I also want to create a separate best friend for Rose because I feel they are the type of twins that try their best to not be around each other all the time and to be their own people.

Thank you so much for the help! This took so long to write lol

Edit: I decided to name the story This Takes Time because…ya but I still would love some help with character ideas/development and some plot twists that could spice up this story! Also, I would definitely appreciate some advice/tips on how to portray the anxiety and depression because I personally don’t have either so I would love some help on respectfully and correctly representing that :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s an awesome idea!!! I love that you wanna add all that into your story… depression makes you not want to do anything… but be alone… it makes you want to run away from everything and everyone’s including those you love… anxiety makes you worry about everything… like what people think of you… what if this happens what if that happens… why did I do that… why didn’t I do this… is everything okay?? Is everything falling apart…


I say Lexi should have blonde or auburn hair… something long… maybe beach waves… with green eyes and tan skin… and a perky nose…


Maybe Lexi ca understand what Dove is going through because she also faces anxiety or depression…


I love all those ideas and thank you for all the insight on what anxiety and depression are like! :grin:


No problem… if you need anymore help feel free to pm me and I’ll help you the best I can… I suffer from both…


You could make

Battle of Love

Broken Walls

Journey on a Rollercoaster



Love the ideas but I decided to name it “This Takes Time”. Thank you though!


Your welcome and good luck with your story :two_hearts::two_hearts: