HELP PLEASE! In some serious need of help anyone with help welcome to answer!

Hey everyone! I am in some need of some episode help!

I am currently writing an interactive story on my mobile phone but for some reason I am very limited to writing tools.

Every so often my phone vibrates while I’m writing and a notification comes up saying “unlock more writing tools at “” but I can’t find how access them! If someone knows how help me! Also can I somehow access them on my phone so I don’t have to swap writing from my phone to laptop!

Are you writing a story through the app or through the website?

Rey x

It will be hard for you to write on the writers portal on your phone.

You have to go to the page and login to your account.
You can’t really “unlock the writing tools” you have to learn how to code on the portal.
Once you change something in your story on the portal you won’t be able to write on mobile anymore, check my GUIDE here

thank you apes! and i was trying to write on my iPhone because it was easily accessible, but if i have to write on the computer i will

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