HELP PLEASE! Names, outfits or character pic For A Witch (INK)

Hello, my name is Kalinda. I am going to make a story about witches and magic, so I hope if anyone has a cool and a good witch name for my charcte or clothes for witches (INK) or a (INK) character pic of a witch. Please reply me bellow. Waiting for your wacky and magical ideas! :slight_smile::woman_mage:

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witch names ? I donโ€™t know any but I can try and create witches do you want some specific collors in the looks?

Some INK girl outfits for witches (kinda);

Purple goddess


Black made cool


White as heaven


Maybe Sybilla?

Iโ€™m usally visiting this website when I have problem with name. Hope I helped.

Kalinda sounds pretty good for a witch (at least for me. I didnโ€™t mean to insult you or something)

Thank you for all of your help. :smiley: