Help please! need advice or help on 3 things



three things i need help with. 1. how do you have two characters running while looking happy and like they are chasing each other?
2. does anyone know how you can make a character falling backwards?
3. how do you delete an episode in your story?
it would mean a lot if i could get some help to figure these 3 things out? :relaxed:

  1. You don’t have an animation for it, but you can make it when it runs, you make her laugh and continue and narrate it at the same time.
  2. Again, no animation for it but if it is falling from high, you can use the one animation what is from Demi, the crowd cheering animation and I don’t remember the name of it.
  3. I don’t really know how to delete ( I am pretty new at episode) but you can highlight the whole script, then just press ”back” button at your keyboard and u know it dissappears. I’m sorry about my english, I’m not native speaker.


1, If you’re using INK, the behavior run_jog looks kind of happy

So you’d do:

@CHAR walks to _______ in zone ___ AND CHAR does it while run_jog


thanks rudeinception. do you have any idea how to delete an episode


You can’t :frowning:


oh ok. how do you have a driving scene and then smoothly transition to a different scene, i tried to do it and it ended up looking very bad and choppy


To do this you can use transitions.
Here are some transition codes:

@transition fade in
@transition fade out
@transition iris in
@transition iris out
@transition shade in
@transition shade out

And if you want the transition to be a particular color then do this:
@transition (Your preferred transition here) (color here)

And if you want a particular time then do this:
@transition (preferred transition here) (color here) (duration here)

For example:
@transition iris in white 3.5

Hope this helped.


thanks just wondering what does shade in/out do


It’s kinda like a curtain shade.


Thanks so much! :grin: :grin: sorry i am asking so much I don’t know much about coding. and actually started my story on mobile


Well, that’s great! And don’t hesitate to ask for help cause trust me we’ve all been there. :grin:




also last thing but anyone have any ideas i kind of have major writer’s block


Pm me and I’ll help you


does anyone have any tips on how to do a flash back


You can add a different coloured filter or I use a white transition to show it’s different to normal transitions. :slight_smile:


how do you share a story with a writing partner


For them to just read or edit as well?


Edit as well


You can only do that if they have your login.