Help please (newbie) preview of creating a character isn’t working


This is my first post so I hope I’m writing in the right place.

I’ve just started creating my first story on the writer’s portal and on the part where you create a character I can’t see a preview, it’s just blank.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Are you on a tablet, phone or computer? :thinking:

Hi, I’m on a Tablet.

I was on my phone earlier and that didn’t work so I thought my iPad would.

The character & outfit preview doesn’t work on tablets or phones, unfortunately. I have that problem too. :frowning:

Oh my goodness!

Sorry you’re having the same problem!

Are they trying to fix it and we just have to be patient?

I don’t know. I don’t think so. :cry:

That’s crazy … does it work on a laptop then?

Yes, it works on mine at least. :slight_smile:

That’s good!

Thanks so much for your replies!


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No problem. :wink:

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So sorry to hear this is happening :disappointed:. Feel free to make sure that the team knows about this. If this is an issue with the Writer’s Portal then please submit a request letting the support team know about it.

Not an issue and just something that you would like see implemented in the future? Go ahead and create a thread in the Feature + Art Suggestions forum requesting it. Oh yeah, almost forgot, make sure to follow the feature request guidelines to make sure the topic doesn’t get closed.

Thanks a bunch and hopefully this will help. :nerd_face:


I have the same problem, but on my computer…

I want to create new characters but the preview isn’t working, it only shows me a blank screen. Creating the characters on the app isn’t working out for me either as I can’t chose the outfits like I need them. Is there a way to fix this problem? (I’m using Google Chrome by the way, would another browser work better maybe?)


Try clearing your browser cache? Try a different network? You can try a different browser but to the best of my knowledge Chrome is the most compatible with the writers portal.

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@Jeremy I’ve tried everything that anyone has said to fix this problem i go on to the writers portal and i press character and when it stops loading all i see is the episode logo on the top of the screen where it always is and there’s nothing else. I would love to create a story but i cant because the screen is white. I do love using classic and i saw that this was a new glitch that the preview doesn’t work because of that glitch but my character portal used to work and now it just doesn’t just a few days ago it was working and one day i went on my laptop it stopped I’m quite annoyed by this problem if anyone has any other tips to help other than clear your browsing history and cache and go in incongnito mode because I’ve tried all of that and it didn’t work than please help. I also used every other network that i could and that didn’t work either also i tried shutting down the computer and logging out of my google account


I have the same problem! I can only see classic characters but I can’t see other styles. If I ever write in ink I just create my characters in the mobile creation and then move forward… Oh , creating a new account or using another device helps too. At the begenning I could see my characters but then it started glitching and stoped working. I hope thia helps

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Just going to give this response a helpful little bump. :nerd_face:


What browser are you using?

You need to use chrome and delete all off your history and coocies, that’s what they sayd to me.