Help please outfit issue!

I don’t know why but my character won’t change out of her default outfit. The spelling is right, the outfit is saved and I’ve tried restarting the portal. On my laptop previewer the outfit changes but on my phone preview it won’t work. Can anybody help?

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Are you using the command @CHARACTERNAME changes into outfitname before the scene starts?

yeah and it’s worked for all other characters whenever I’ve used it

Can you send a screenshot of your script by chance?

I will do just have to cover some stuff to avoid spoilers😂

oh! no problem lol

So it’s the change for Scarlett not sure why it show on the laptop but not a phone and everyone else’s outfits change

I want to say it’s because you have the & code before it and it’s messing with the script, do you want to try putting the outfitchange before that and see if that does anything?

I’ll give it a go now

Still not working🤦🏻‍♀️

If it shows up perfectly fine on your laptop, then it might be a glitch issue with your Episode on your phone. You’re resetting the episode every time right?

Sorry I wasn’t able to help!

Yeah I’ve restarted, updated the script, tried removing it and add it back in and just nothing is happening. Hopefully it is just a glitch and will be okay to publish🙈 Don’t worry about it thank you for trying I appreciate it

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Try with the preview command,
@SCARLETT previews outfit outfit_name

Thank you never used that one I’ll give it a try

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What if you spelled the outfit wrong?

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I don’t think it’s that because I chose it from the list that comes up as you write the outfit

It’s worked!!! Thank you so much you’ve saved me😂

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You’re welcome! :heart: