HELP PLEASE! Overlays and animation

Hi guys, I’m new here at episode and I need help with some overlays in my story. What I’m trying to do is to use the overlays of the drum set, guitar and microphone in the same stage background, so I can simulate a rock band playing BUT, HERE’S THE ISSUE: I cannot find a guitar overlay for my character, also i cannot find a drum playing animation, so at this point I’m stuck and I don’t know what to do.

I really need help cause my story is about a rock band and I can only manage to animate singing and air guitar without overlays, so it’s like their playing in the air, literally, so, PLEASE HELP! my story is in limelight style.

You’ll need to use a personalized overlay for that.

How can I do that? Can you teach me? and what about the animation?

I have no idea if there is an animation for what you need, I’ll try to search something now.
I can help you with overlays, however. You just need to tell me if you want it more cartoonish or real looking.

Well, I’m using limelight style, which to me is a little more realistic, so it’s ok to me if you find a realistic look

Ok, Also, you need the drum for a male of female character?

I have a guitar overlay already made if you want it?

The drummer is male character, the guitar is male to, if you can help me with that too, gladly appreciated, I have search all over the overlays they have in episode for limelight and there’s not a guitar available either.

yes please! thank you very much!

you’re awesome!!!

Yeah sure, no problem, I figured if I already had one made, why not :woman_shrugging:

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OMG! YOU’RE SO AWESOME!!! Thank you very much. Can you also teach me how to place the overlay into the character hands? I don’t know how to do that either. If it’s ok with you of course :slight_smile:

Sorry, its downloading on my phone because it’s in my icloud. To place it in the hands I usually use spot directing mixed with the animation.

Hopefully, this works, let me know!

Thank yo very much

Since you have all the experience, can you tell me how to domy own overlays? for future stories.

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Yeah sure, I just find a picture I like and then I delete the background ad upload it

thank you soo much!!