HELP PLEASE: Rusty, Abandoned, Old And/Or Apocalyptic Overlays & Backgrounds

Does anyone have or know where I can find overlays and backgrounds similar to Episodes’ Abandoned Factory ones (I looking for ones that are drawn and cartoon-like. I don’t need realistic looking backgrounds and overlays like Google Edits)? An earthquake happens while my main character is in an underground club-like futuristic establishment. It would be nice having pieces of the building, cut wires, half lit neon signs, sparks, rubble, metal and pools of oil as overlays and other interior sections of an abandoned factory as backgrounds. If you know where I can find any of these or if you’ve made or are capable of making the previously listed please let me know. Thanks in advance!


Here are some i made you can use them
you don’t have to credit me

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:heart_eyes: Lovely background. Unfortunately it’s not what I’m looking for.

here, some suggestions:

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