Help ! Please! Save Elsa

Okay first of all I think I’ve told this a hundred times ,I’m new to this community n I’m working on my first story so when I created my first choice about what should I wear ,I had to write thesame things twice So my question is do we have to write the same things twice bcoz we created a choice about their outfits ? Please help me .

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Can I see your script?

If I understand correctly, you don’t have to write the same things many times (as in in every choice to write the same narration etc).
Regarding the outfit choices, you can write something like:

label clothes
YOU (think)
(What should I wear today?)
“Outfit1” {
@YOU changes into outfit1
}“outfit2” {
@YOU changes into outfit2
@YOU changes into outfit3
YOU (idle)
(Should I wear this?)
“Yes” {
YOU (talk_happy_smile)
This is perfect!
} “No” {
goto clothes

There are also many tutorials you can watch regarding choices. Hope I helped :slight_smile:

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Ooh thank u for ur help but I’m creating .y stories on my phone n I didn’t find any options like labels

Creating on your phone is very limited.
I sugegst writing on the Writer’s Portal.


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Write on phone and then edit it by script , that’s how I do it☺