Help please! Script Errors

Hey! I am having an error on a new chapter that I just published. It has to do with a character going back to default even though when I play my episode, it still stays the same. The script is really complicated, and it really needs to be sent to someone because the characters flip back and forth multiple times because of flashbacks. Help would be really appreciated!

And in addition, if you want to fix an error in an episode- like I have an error I just noticed in episode 9 and I have published episode 12, if I fix it, will it make people go back to episode 9??

thank you!!

Grace, is this about the hair cut in chapter 12?

Also, no. If you fix episode 9 it will only affect people who are currently in episode 9. If people are up to date or only just starting, they’ll be fine.

I have to switch Keel back and forth because I need him to have no name in the flashback scenes. People are saying that he defaults in the last scene, however on my device he doesn’t. I can’t tell what to do

Well, for the record, I never had any issues with it in the last episode. But what code are you using to do this? Do you have a duplicate character with no display name and then using the becomes code?

Yes I do- and I’m glad, it seems some people are having issues and some aren’t :frowning: - did you read episode 12? Thats the episode people are having an issue with

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Yeah it was fine for me - and you know how much I changed Keel form the default so I would definitely notice if there was a change. It sounds like it could be a glitch to me. If you’re using @DUPLICATE becomes KEEL and then only using Dupicate in flashbacks and only Keel in present it should be fine. Just check your script to make sure that the “becomes” code was the only thing you added to change a character.

Thank you very much- would it still be worth it to have someone look at it?? Like I have fixed it multiple times and people are still having problems

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PM me your script if you want and I can have a look over to see if there’s anything you might have missed

But I still think if it’s only happening to come people and not others, it’s probably not to do with you

Thank you so much!

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