Help please - Unexpected Error

Hi everyone, please is there someone that could help me with this bit of my script, its for a series of questions that 1 character is asking another, thank you:

label ask_questions

    ALEXANDRA (talk_think)
(Hmm ...........)

“What was she like?” {

    ALEXANDRA (talk_awkward)
My birth mum, Lizzie, what was she like?

    CAROLINE (talk_happy_smile)
She was one of the kindest people I have ever met, always doing things for other people.

    CAROLINE (talk_forward)
She loved working with her various charities, helping them raise money whenever she could.

    ALEXANDRA (talk_arms_crossed)
I thought you said she didn't like public engagements?

    CAROLINE (talk_happy_agree)
She didn't, but she did them so that she could help people.

    ALEXANDRA (talk_think)
What about when she was a kid?

    CAROLINE (talk_forward)
We didn't live with her growing up, but the four of us, we were tight, always enjoying our time together.

    CAROLINE (talk_handsonhips)
And Lizzie, she was always pushing the boundaries, hiding in secret places around the palace for ages until someone found her.

@ALEXANDRA is laugh_giggle

} “Do you have a title?”

    ALEXANDRA (talk_arms_crossed)
I know that you and my new uncles aren't in line for the throne, but do you have titles?

    CAROLINE (talk_happy_agree)
We do

    CAROLINE (talk_neutral)
I am the Marchioness of Dorset, Michael is Earl of Hereford and Robert is Earl of Inverness.

} “What about cousins?” {

    ALEXANDRA (talk_happy_smile)
I know I have cousins, but I don't know their names.

@CAROLINE is laugh_giggle

    CAROLINE (talk_neutral)
I have 2 children, Freya and Hugo with my husband Declan.

    CAROLINE (talk_handsonhips)
Michael and his wife Daphne have 4 kids called Olivia, Rory, Arthur and Jasper.

    CAROLINE (talk_forward)
And Robert has 1 daughter called Rose, she's 20 and he's currently expecting twins with his second wife Kate.

    ALEXANDRA (talk_excited)
Oh how exciting, I remember when my my neighbour was pregnant, she had twin girls, Grace and Ella they're called.

    CAROLINE (talk_happy_agree)
Yeah, she's due in about 2 months.


    CAROLINE (talk_arms_crossed)
Do you want to ask anything else?

“Yes” {

    ALEXANDRA (talk_happy_agree)
I do yes

goto ask_questions

} “No” {

    ALEXANDRA (talk_neutral)
No, I'm all good

goto finished2

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You didn’t add a starting bracket {

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Solved and closed. :smiley: