Help please who has written an epoisode before

Can someone show me how the script should look like when adding animation

it says this is wrong DP@CHARapplaud_loop
do i add what help

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@Character starts idle

1. This is how you format it:
@CHARACTER is animation

You use this code when you want your characer to do an animation without talking

2. And this is wahat you have to do when you want them to do an animation and say something:

CHARACTER (animation)
Your dialogue here

Change CHARACTER to your character’s name and animation to the animation that you want to use.


That’s what u out to let the animation start

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im confused can you make a fake names and shoe me plzhow its supposed to look

I am not really sure if this is what you mean but if you want to animate a character you have to do the following :

@MELANIE is applaud_loop

Make sure you spell everything correctly.

Sorry @MELANIE, I didn’t mean to tag you, just wanted to show an exemple to @DanilsaP

thxs i get it now

ok so it worked but how do i add the animation and make my person talk too
this is wrong they said

@AMY_default is barf oh how do you drink this its disgusting

Like this:

CHARACTER (animation)
Dialogue here.


AMY (barf)
Blah blah

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And I believe that this is an outfit, not a character :sweat_smile::wink:

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Examples using this:

  1. @CHARACTER is animation

@YOU is scream

  1. CHARACTER ( animation )
    Your dialogue here.

YOU (talk_angry)
I wasn’t born evil, I became evil.

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