Help please with Proofreading

I had a doubt!
Someone had published their story already,
It has around 10 chapters.
Now I have to proofread the 11th one, how shall I do that?
This is what it shows when I click the link she shared

You have to reach chapter 11 in order to read it or if you’re friends with the person, ask them to send you a link to the chapter.
Hope this helped :grin:

The link is heading me to the app
She hasn’t published ch11 she’ll do that after I proofread

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Is she sending you the link at the bottom of the episode writer page, where it has the link and “COPY” besides it?


if she has already published the story you cant read her unpublished chapters - this is posible via the link only by stories that ware not published at all.

She has to give you acess to the 11 chapter in different way


  1. she will publish it and then repare mistakes and republish it - easy for you but that she probably doesnt want to do

  2. she will give you acess to her portal - if you are good friend it might happen but most people (for good resons) are not giving their acess to acconts to other

  3. she will give it to you some other way - for example via goodle doc

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Yes she it but it doesn’t help

Ok thank you so much

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