Help please with remembering dressing game

Hi, the problem is that there is almost none, I’m not the first time to do dressing game with flags, but now he doesn’t give me any errors, everything’s right, but he doesn’t see others outfits, I already did “Restart story progress” But anyway It give me only third version and nothing else I don’t understand what is wrong , below is a 2 screenshots from the episode 4 and 5, Please, If you can help me , I will be so grateful
Episode 4

Episode 5

In episode 4, at the start of your dressing game, you should name the variable like this


Then in episode 5, the if elif else statement should be

If (OUTFIT = “Jack’s clothes”){

} elif (OUTFIT = “Sporty”) {

} else {


This may explain remembering choices in more detail: Remembering a choice

I forgot about this small detail. Thank you so much!! :innocent: :heartbeat:

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