Help please writer with terrible coding skills!

Hey guys, I’m writing a story that I’m currently in the process of copyrighting I’ve published 1 story on Episode but I’m literally horrific with coding, would someone be willing to help me? I’ll even send you a copy of a preview if you’d like.

ill help

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I would be happy to help! :hugs:

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Thank you so much I really need it! I have so many ideas but my coding is trash lol :woman_facepalming:t3:

Thank you!

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thank you!

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Hey guys, I have a whole story written out but I’m horrible with coding is anyone willing to lend a girl a helping hand?

There are tutorials on YouTube you can check out. I find them really helpful

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you should look up josheph evans, elly yt, episode notes, mary d sava etc on youtube, they are really good .


I could teach you on Instagram or the Forums if you are really desperate, Lol. I don’t mind but I am busy myself so I may not answer all the time and my lessons will be limited.

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I am not advanced in coding, but I can help with basic coding if your getting started. Youtube is also helpful, and Dara Amarie website is really helpful for Templates, Guides, and Script Help.


YouTube — Joseph Evan’s Tutorials.
Web — Dara Amarie’s website with Guides and Templates (her own website). Mary D Sava’s coding school and Templates (Patreon).
Episode App — Tal’s “CODING 101” story on the app with guides inside of it.
Portal — Episode’s official guides in the “Help” section of the Portal.
Forums — There’re all kinds of helpful threads and resources on the forums.


you can try it in the finding writing partner section of the forum if thewre is a coder interested in long therm cooperation.