HELP!?!? Please

I’m trying to write my first story and despite all googling and watching tutorials and following what it says on episodes guid i still get a waring (see pic) No matter what i do…
Please help

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I think you have a space between @ and Chrisirine

also its supposed to be “CHRISTINE”

Haha… out of everything I missed that one… Thank you

You can’t do in zone 3 when you want them to stand in either:
Screen left, upscreen left, screen center, upscreen right, screen right, back left, back far left, back right or back far right.

So, do this:
@CHARACTER spot x y z in zone #
You can use spot directing by going to the directing helper > Spot helper. Then, you click on either Move or Scale.

Since you want her to stand in screen center type this command:
@CHRISTINE spot 1.280 160 0 in zone 3

1.280 160 0 is the coordinates for screen center

Thank you

no problem :slight_smile:

You can add the zone when they stand. You just can’t add the zone only when they enter.