HELP! :( PLeaseeeee!

HELP!!! So I was literally finished with the first episodes of my new story, and I didn’t write anymore for about a week bc I started school.I tried to start writing again today and Episode like logged me out of my accountant and my story is gone!!! I have multiple email accountants and tried them both but even when I logged back into them EVERYTHING was gone! Even my old practice stories from last year! I was supposed to publish my story this month but I’m afraid I have to start completely over, and it took soooo long for overlays and backgrounds to be accepted!! I also had a really good dialogue that I don’t necessarily remember exactly!!! I have also been looking in the episode help center and all that but I found nothing. Please help!!! :((( But it’s rlly weird bc on forums its my same accountant and I have no problems logging in!?

Make sure you use the same e-mail you wrote your stories with (when you were logged out)

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Moved to Episode Fan Community since this doesn’t fit into any Creator’s Corner category. I’d recommend submitting a help ticket to the support team, they’d be more than happy to help. :smiley:

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