Help pleaseeeeeeeeee someone help

Help someone I acctiendthly put my trio tablet brightness to 0 anyone know how to fix it pleaseeeeeeeeee

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Omg I feel so bad right now idk google it…

I did but its not working



I gotchu. Lemme Google.

Okay so first try using common commands to know it’s not glitching on its own. Ex. On an Apple product, Power and Home buttons are used to take a screenshot. Try some of those.
If not, try shutting it down completely if you have memorized where the shut down button is own the screen. When it restarts it may or may not go back to normal brightness. If it doesn’t, I’m sorry but I’m out of ideas.

Go in a dark room, and see if you can see it in there.

I can’t and now its not opening

Reset it?