Help Pls I need help with the character's background

Can someone help me I have the story line planned out but idk whether the main character should be rich or have a normal amount of money and whether the love interest should also be like that whether they should go to school or have a job I’m sorry if it sounds confusing but I am confused

Maybe have the MC with a normal amount of money, and have the LI either rich or poor. As for job or school idk :joy:

Oh ok thank you

Cos I dont like the school thing but idk what job :rofl:

Pick ones that would support your storyline :blush:

Ok but what job would a 21 yr old have

It all depends on your creativity. Come up with something interesting, not too cliche and a story idea that can attract readers to read your story :blush:

What’s his personallity?

Um idk really

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Ooh ok

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is he soft or “bad boy”

Idk maybe some type of office job or they could have just finished up from college and they are searching for a job?

oh soft

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Oh ok thxs

As for the jobs, do some research on google too or somewhere I’m sure you will get many ideas from there :smiley:

Ok thxs

maybe he could be teacher…i mean if he likes kids…

oh ok

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Thanks all you people I appreciate it :yellow_heart: :grin:


Polls show that people are more keen on reading stories about adults (cause high school themes are kinda cliche sometimes).
To have a normal amount of money is the best option in my opinion (there are lots of opportunities and you don’t have to rely on money meaning they don’t play the most important role in making decisions, choosing activities and friends circle)
Job may be ordinary (you don’t have to go crazy alligator trainer or the person who decorates prisons) and you are in power to create amazing hobbies, strange feature, special likes & dislikes.
I know all I wrote is pretty blurry but I hope it helped to settle some things about your story! You are free to PM me if you wanna talk about all the strange features the MC can have :laughing: