Help pls with weather effects!

Hi I’m struggling to add weather effects to my background I’ve followed every tutorial but when I add the effects it said my background doesn’t exist does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?


Did you forget the space between INT. and MOSCOW ?
Is there an error in your scene set up (the stuff below the @zoom and before your @transition/start spot?
Sometimes an error in the set up will trigger an error that says the background doesn’t exist when in fact the issue is with a separate code line.

i really can’t see one

here’s the script I don’t see any errors I think could of done I don’t know why the thing keep saying the background doesn’t exist

you probably misspelled it cuz these are the backgrounds with the name moscow

You wrote LLEWAY though

its my own back ground i published it

its my own background so that shouldn’t matter

Yeah but you still have to spell it right…? If you saved it as LLEYWAY, then sure it doesn’t matter.

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do you? i have many backgrounds with bad spelling but still work perfectly fine

yeah i have it saved that way

Your background only works if you input the exact name you saved it as. So, if you saved it with a wrong spelling, it definitely would work if you put that same spelling into your code. Which is why I’m telling you to check if what you have in your script matches with what is in your background catalog.

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so then why are you saying that this background doesnt exist? :woman_shrugging:

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when i put the weather effect on it says my background doesn’t exist anymore I’m trying to get the effect work not the background

Can I see the name of the background on your portal? A screenshot of how you saved it.

On your first screenshot it’s called MOSCOW ALLEYWAY, not LLEYWAY so maybe make sure you coppied name of your background :smiley:

i deleted it and saved it new with the right spelling now to see if it would help its stil says it doesn’t exsit when I add the weather effect only!


But you spelled it wrong in your script, and that’s what I’ve been saying :thinking:

i did copy it right i re uploaded my image but spelt it wrong when I Saved it thats not the issue

If you re-uploaded the image on another tab, refresh your page and see if it works

No i spelt it write i re saved the image in the gallery the spelling is not the isue