Help plz i cant figure out the creating program

hello everyone, my name is salman and im just startiny own story on episodes
so ive been through a couple of episodes, how ironic xd, and ive noticed some stuff that i couldn’t add to my own story…
to start with most of thwm allowed the player to create her, no his, charchter at the start of the game. i tried to do that bit i couldnt figure it out and ended up making a starting charchter.
secondly I’ve noticed that most of the episodes available have different art style, can i add mybown and is it possible to add non human like ones, animations as well and stuff like jogging and driving car?
can i add points that lead the story? like if the player gained that much points a new option will open up for him or so??
one more thing, can crrat my story on my pc instead, cuz my phone screen is just too small for that

plz help me out by replying to my questions

Character customization is an extremely long Donacode template that can only be added through the online Episode writer portal on a computer. It’s not really recommended to create on a phone anyway.

You cannot add your own original animations, but you can add your own artwork.

You can add points via choices. The Guides section of the portal explains how.

If you want to create your story in the computer, go here:

Log in with the same email and password you used to log into the app.

Once you create your story, click on the Characters button. You will get to choose between 3 styles: Classic, INK, or Limelight. Then you will be prompted to choose between the spotlight format or the cinematic format (spotlight is like the Choices app, cinematic is full body animations), so make sure that you choose the cinematic format.

Then you can start writing your script.

For letting players create their characters, you can go here: Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)
Episode has templates on the side of the script that you can also use, but they don’t have all the eyes, face shapes, etc., but mine do!

For using points, you can learn how to do that here: The Points System