Help plz if u are reading this

HELP ME PLEASE!So, basically i want to restore my info from my phone Android, to my tablet that is also android.I couldnt cause i needed to update the app in my phone and it doesnt allow me.I remmeber a while ago you could update episode on here i just dont remmeber!!

Is it not letting you in the app?

Its letting me, but i wanna go on my account

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It showed my password and username from my old account but it didnt show the stuff from it but its ok im gonna install it from my other tablet since i figured out that i dont have enough memory since i have loads of games!:smiley:

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Moved this to Episode Fan Community since it’s not about story creation. @Mihaela, if you’re having an issues with logging in, you can always submit a help ticket and ask the support team, they’d be happy to help you! :smiley:

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sorry i didnt know what topic to put it in and usually help tickets take pretty long

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No worries, we all do it from time to time. :wink:

It depends; sometimes it can be answered that day, while other times it may be two or three days before there’s a response. :grin: