HELP PLZ IF U KNOW HOW TO MAKE OVERLAYS.♥️*ill give u all the credit u want*

Oh god guys I’m just struggling with overlays at this point so bad💀
If uk how to make overlays u are my savior I swear
I really need this guy:

In this position:

As an overlay😌
Big thanks to anyone who tries to help cause I really need this overlay😣

You can use this website for overlays:

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Thank you that website is pretty useful for other overlays.:grin::hearts:
but it sadly doesnt have the one im looking for.:pensive:
thanks anyways.:grinning:

I think the pose would work better for an art scene

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ya I think u might be right.:sweat_smile:

it would look off as an overlay anyways.:joy: thanks a lot for your opinion.:hearts:

can u plz close this thread, thank you.:hearts:

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: