Help! Point system: Combinating a few options

is it possible to do something like this with the Char point system?

if (CHAR1 = 1 AND CHAR2=1 …) { xyz }

Like combinating a few characters together with one directing command?

I want to make the reader collect some items (6) and continue the story when they’re done but instead of creating all the labels (my first idea) I’d like to just count a point for each item so that when they’re done it automatically takes them to the next scene.
if (ITEM1 > 0 AND ITEM2 > 0 AND ITEM3 > 0 AND ITEM4 > 0 AND ITEM5 > 0 AND ITEM6 >0) {
goto x
else { goto items}

label items

“ITEM1” {

@ITEM1 +1



there’s no need to do any of that anyways. if you’re using a tappable overlay once the reader taps it and that branch is done the story will continue and they’ll have to move to the next scene anyways. no need to use labels or points. that just makes it harder.

No you can’t combine things inside an if/elif like that. You would have to use an if/elif/else inside an if/elif/else

If (ITEM1 =0) {
if (ITEM2 =0) {
if (ITEM3 =0) {
if (ITEM4 =0) {
if (ITEM5 =0) {
if (ITEM6 =0) {
goto x
}}}}}} else {
goto items


Okay but you’re solution is good too! I didn’t think of that :sweat_smile: I just didn’t want to create a new label each time they tapped on an item.
Thank you Dara! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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