Help! Really in need of a writing partner!

Would anyone be interested in wring a story called " My Pyscho" with me… I have the story planned out I just don’t always have time to write… Some one PLEASE HELP!


What sort of stuff is it you need help with?

It’s not really a directing problem its more so, I need some to help with cover art, when I cant write they could help me, things like that ya know

Ummmmmm…I can only help if you need help with designing characters or writing the actual plot. So if you need help with any of that stuff, I’d be happy to help! :slight_smile:

tysm for the offer! I would love for you too help me with that!

Great! Do you need my instagram or anything?

I would like to get it so I could contact you.

It is : @sophie_episode :slight_smile:

There are tons of people with that username could you tell me your amount of followers or something

I have 54 followers and I am following 16