HELP! Remembering choices

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to remember choices. I’m trying to remember clothing choices (6 choices, specifically) and just two other choices with gains and if/elif/else but it’s not working and I can’t figure out why. Help!

Sometimes if using the if/elif/else method try to do this. It is my mistake sometimes…
if (dress_1) {
@YOU changes into YOU_Outfit
elif (dress_2) {
@YOU changes into YOU_Outfit 2
And so on, please take note to add space between the end of closed parenthesis and the bracket because if not, it won’t work.
Now if you want to remember your past 6 choices however, you’ll need to add gain on every choice so that when using the if/elif/else method, it would be easier.
Sometimes, you need to note yourself the gains and labels in your chapter in order to remember those easily. For example…
(use # to note yourself)
#Remember gain_1
#eat bananas at exactly 3 pm.
(Don’t worry, this will not be on your story, only to note yourself up. All in all, the # is invisible when previewing or playing the story.)

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@sea_c @LiyahxWrites
Thank you both so much! This helps me a lot.


If you’re testing on your web preview. It doesn’t remember choices and will automatically go with the else choice. In the app. You can remove flags story modifiers in the navigation tab. Or simply reset story progress :slight_smile:

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