Help resizing these backgrounds!

Can someone help me resize these, I tried so many apps and it would not work.

Sure! how many zones?

3 please

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I can email them to you, might be easier.

@epiviolets @tiff_episode
Just to let you both know, you can’t use/share this background. It belongs to the Choices app, therefore it’s breaking copyright to use it.

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wait but what if they approve it and I see some popular stories with this background?

Oops, I’ve never downloaded choices haha thanks for letting me know!

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i dont have choices

No problem, I knew it looked familiar, then it clicked :rofl:

@epiviolets doesn’t matter if it’s approved or not, that’s why you have to tick the box when you upload. If any issues arise from using it, the backlash falls to the person who uploads it.

The background is used in a choices story, therefore is their property. I’m not sure who has used it in the stories that you mentioned, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

They aren’t great screenshots lol, but this is from clicking the story now.

okay thanks for letting me story