Help! Restart Story

So basically on episode all my stories have restarted, which I’m not overly bothered about but whenever I go to edit my own story (has not been published) it says they cannot retrieve my story progress and I have the option to restart it.

However, I worried that if i press restart story on the app it will delete all progress for that story on my writer’s portal account. So if anybody knows what that button will do to my story, whether it will just get rid of where I was on the app or delete all my progress on the story, please let me know!

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I think your best option is to file a Support Ticket and ask the Episode Team what the heck is going on with your app, because this is just weird.

From the sounds of it, I think it will just restart your story from the beginning of your first chapter. A lot of authors have used that option to play their story from the beginning instead of having to navigate there manually. I’ve honestly never seen or heard of a “restart story” option being presented that wipes out/erases the story’s script.