Help Rotating Avatar Choice!

Does anyone know the coding for the choice options where you can have 3 different options that you can rotate to the one you want? I don’t know how to describe it but it was in a few featured stories including The Kiss List! Please help :kissing_closed_eyes::sparkling_heart:

Do u mean something like this:

Or this:


I think it’s the second one does that work with LL? :thinking:

Yes, it will but it may require changing some animations and perhaps if u want, adjust the spot directing.

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Perfect thanks girl!! I appreciate it :kissing_closed_eyes::sparkling_heart: I’m working a on co-writing story and I’m tryna get my life together :joy::sweat: no luck with that tho

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Oooooh must check it out when it’s out :heart_eyes:

And hey if you ever want to talk about what you’re going through, i’m here for you, love ya, and remember, think positive :nerd_face: :strawberry:

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:joy::joy: it’s gonna be hilarious me and @Problematic_Patrick are working on it together :heart_eyes: so yes stay tuned!! :joy::sparkling_heart:

Thanks I appreciate the offer just don’t wanna talk about it… I’ll be fine :sweat_smile::sparkling_heart:


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