Help .she keeps turning around

this is my scene when and she keeps turning around when she is done walking

@cut to zone 3
&zoom on 480 225 to 212% in 0
&JANE spot 0.664 -109 218
@LINNA spot 0.655 36 240 AND LINNA is sit AND LINNA faces left
@JANE walks to spot 0.664 -50 231 in 1 AND JANE faces left AND JANE is walk_rear THEN JANE is idle_rear

    JANE (idle_rear)
I am done with the dishes

@JANE walks to spot … and JANE does it while walk_rear
&JANE is idle_rear

@JANE walks to spot 0.664 -50 231 in 1 AND JANE faces left AND JANE starts walk_rear THEN JANE starts idle_rear

thanks but its still not working

thanks but it is still not working

You mean turn around as in she faces the other way you want her to face (left/right)?

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no she keeps idle

Before she does idle_rear, JANE faces forwards.

because you put idle_rear, that’s why.

which i put there cause she keept idle.cause i thought it would make her stop but it did not work. without its the same

Remove the ‘rear’ if you want her to face forward. If you want her to start talking, put a talking animation in the ( ).

i dont want her to face forward. that is what she keeps doing and i want her not to

i have just gotten it to work. i did tast it in wrong before, thansk for the help

i gave gotten it to work now

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