Help! Skip option and point system

How do you add a skip option without glitching the points? Especially when they buy points?

I don’t use the skip option in my story with points because I think it messes up and loses their points for the episode they skip/ doesn’t count them even if they read it in the past. I might be wrong. But I think it’s better to disclose that you won’t include the skip option as it will mess up their points!

Unfortunately, you can’t without the glitches. Basically, if they skip an episode, the reader won’t be able to go through the choices to earn points for that chapter. Which means the points will be wrong. I’m not sure if it resets (like if you update a previous chapter that they’ve already read through, and their points go backwards or stay the same - but I think they stay the same.)

The only thing I can recommend doing is showing the readers total points after the skip button label<3 At lease this way you can test it out yourself to see!!


I’d recommend you add a “are you sure you want to read/skip this chapter?” options first because a lot of readers skip by accident and then duplicate the choices and add them to the skip branch so readers that genuinely want to skip can still earn the points from that chapter. You can also add the buying points options after that too.

It’s a win-win. Readers can fix their mistake if they pressed the wrong option (skip or play) and readers that want to read can read and earn ‘em the usual way and those that want to skip don’t miss out on re-gaining points they may have already earned for the chapter but lost.