Help! someone please

Hi I need help. After a choice, in the curly bracket thing I want to put a goto and an emotion so that the character reacts but also goes to the label and i have no idea how to do that

Look at the highlighted line, i don’t know how to do this. If anyone understands me plz reply , I could reaalllyy use your help.

It looks right though

Maybe put @pause for a beat after it

Thanks for the idea but it doesn’t work

Let me ask this
You want the character to do an animation and go to the label story_starts?


Line 3509 you have enters twice

I usually do this:

@CHARACTER is animation
@pause for a beat

goto label start_episode

omgs i am so dumb

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The rest is fine. But I would put a pause after the animation.

And you should delete

To be continued

And add it later

Thank you so much

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I’m just keeping that for when i end the episode but thank you

Most welcome :blush:

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