Help, Sometging is wrong with my story

Hi this boy character names Daniel but it is showing up Derek
I have checked everything and also refreshed everything but nothing is changed

do you have a character called derek?
if you name a choice DANIEL his name will chnage to whatever choice is picked, if you have a choice like that

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Yes there is character named Derek

I didn’t understand

do you have a choice wjere one of the options is “Derek”?

I have three assumptions on what may be wrong with this scene:

First one:
You created a character Daniel and named them Derek, that’s why it’s showing up as Derek, I’ll attach the photo as an example. As you can see the original character name is the same as their display name


Second one:
You’ve accidntally scripted:

@DANIEL is talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop

So, princess, what are you thinking?

That’s why it shows that Daniel is doing the animation, but Derek is speaking

Third one:
There is a bug, you can send a ticket to episode, so they fix it


I have checked my script but it is showing up derek, can you tell how send a ticket to episode

Here you go!


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you need to change the choice then, because it changes the characters name to the choice “derek”