Help! Something wrong with coding!

I’m writing a story and i bumped into a problem.

In this scene both of my MC’s are sitting in a living room but one MC appears first and the second a while later.

Here’s the coding
coding problem

Can anyone help please?

What is the problem you have?

In the 2 characters
One is appearing first and the other character appearing a second later.
I want them both to e on the screen at the same time

Ohhh ok.

Try using & instead of @. & makes it so that the script doesn’t wait for the previous line to finish before starting the next one.

@cut to zone 2
&AMELIA faces left
&AMELIA spot …
&AMELIA moves…
&EDEN faces right
&EDEN spot …
@/EDEN moves…

OR I’m not sure but I think you could do it like this too
@cut to zone 2
&AMEIA spot… AND AMELIA faces left AND AMELIA moves…
@/EDEN spot… AND EDEN faces right AND EDEN moves…

To make it make more sense:
a scene for example I want 2 characters to walk at the same time
&CHARACTER1 walks to …
@CHARACTER2 walks to…

Here the script doesn’t wait for the 1st character to walk to the spot before moving the other character, it moves them at at he same time.Hope that makes sense.



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