Help: Something Wrong?

I honestly dont know but it says,“Error: behavior kiss_makeout_start_rear doesn’t exist for character LIANNE”
and there’s a warning that says “ROBIN stands screen right in zone 2 and ROBIN is kiss_makeout_loop_rear is not a valid directing command.” Help? Using Limelight (if that even matters.)

That’ll be because that isn’t an animation for females, you can do kiss_passionate_loop_rear or kiss_playful_loop_rear

As for this, is there an @ or & symbol in front?

Neither of these are behaviors in the animation catalog.

kiss_makeout_loop_rear for a male is

I don’t see it in the catalog? EDIT: Nevermind, she’s using LL.


Well I hope that helps.

I see what she did. She put is TWICE

You put is twice instead of once. Remove the second is in that line.

She added that, I don’t think it’s part of her code.

If you look in the screenshot, it says she has two is. She probably didn’t notice that and wrote it correctly here.

thank you both so much

Anytime :wink: